Sunday, 22 December 2013

Fed Up Of Tying Bugs & Dries For Next Season

Over the past couple of weeks i have been non stop tying up nymphs and Czech nymphs and am getting a little fed up with it all.  So have decided to start on the dries for the up and coming season when there will be March Browns, large Olives Massive brook Dunns on the water for trout of all sizes to feed on.

Below are a couple of my go to dry flies from last season and what i have been tying up lately.

Olives in Sizes 18 & 12
 photo DSCF0158_zps67c1190f.jpg
Size 16 Olive Paradun
 photo DSCF0162_zpse2a402dd.jpg
Size 14 Quilled emerger & various sized quilled up rite dries ranging from 14-18
 photo DSCF0161_zps72edd3e6.jpg
 photo DSCF0159_zps6e53dc20.jpg
Various Coloured Klinkhammers in size 14
 photo DSCF0163_zps3b377dad.jpg
 photo DSCF0166_zps1f30ba4b.jpg
 photo DSCF0167_zpsbf13673e.jpg

If you had to choose any of the above for your stream or river which would you favour??