Sunday, 8 March 2015

opening day 2015

First day of the season.  Started off slow with snow melt from the night before and carrying a bit of extra water.  Started off with a team of nymphs in some fast deepish water  and managed to pick off the odd few fish up to around 1 1/2lb.  By mid day there was a prolific hatch of ldo's and brook dunns/March browns.  At first there was nothing rising to them but as I sat down for ten minutes and just watched eventually the fish started looking up.  I switched from a team of nymphs with a french leader and replaced them with a 15ft leader one of my variations of a brook dunn/march brown. 

As I put my first cast across a rising fish the fish rose and I set the hook.  As I was playing the fish the heaven's opened with hail, snow and rain all at the same time so after quickly releasing the fish of around 1lb I scarpered and run for cover.  After it stopped hailing, snowing and raining I carried on with my fishing.  The rises had stopped but the flies were still on top of the water so I knew that it was only a matter time.  As I made my way up through the runs I could spot out some dimple rises up against the bushes.  In the past I have caught some really good fish there so I was pretty confident of a good fish and I was not disappointed.  I managed to catch 2 monster fish and it was only the first day of the season.  I managed to loose another really good fish before heading off home to pick the kids up from school butbi will be back tommorrow

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