Sunday, 22 March 2015

Red Letter Day

It was Friday.  I had a day off, my partner was in work and the kids were in school.  After watching the partial eclipse I threw all my fishing gear into the back of the car and half way to my destination I phoned my partner to say where I was going(She was not too happy).  On arrival the river was gin clear and low with not a cloud in the sky. started off in some fast deep/ish water so kitted up klink and dink and I found it too low for a team of nymphs on a French Leader. there was no fly life at this stage around 09:30 in the morning but managed a good couple off fish to the nymph/Dink before a good hatch of LDO's came off at around 11:00. I then switched over to my favored LDO/Large Dark Olive pattern as the fish were looking up and taking the flies off the surface quite confidently.
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Hook - Hayabusa 383 size 16
Tail - brown hen hackle
body - olive superfine dubbing
thorax - hares ear
wing - 4/5 cdc feathers.

I managed to hook and quick release a few opportunists charging out of the fast water to attack the fly but moved into some slower pools where there were also fish rising. I had to slow my pace down in the water, make sure I didn't stumble/splash the water and keep low to try and not spook the fish. I noticed one fish just picking his nose out of the water in a feeding frenzy. I cast to it but nothing. I thought that I had spooked it as my cast splashed a little on the water. I waited a minute and he was back again rising. So I cast my line just above the rising fish and as it passed a head came up and slurped my fly down. I was in for a shock to the size of the fish as it leaped out into the air and tail walked half a dozen times in the next couple of minutes. It gave an extraordinary fight (One I will not forget) before sliding into my net. this fish was huge, I would not like to say as to how big in weight but i would imagine over 3lb and the head on this fish was huge. The fish also had some fin damage i would presume from spawning season whilst competing for a hen fish or mink.
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In total I managed to catch half a dozen fish well into the 2lb bracket and 3 fish well into the 3lb bracket and smaller fish too. I call it a red letter day 

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Sunday, 8 March 2015

opening day 2015

First day of the season.  Started off slow with snow melt from the night before and carrying a bit of extra water.  Started off with a team of nymphs in some fast deepish water  and managed to pick off the odd few fish up to around 1 1/2lb.  By mid day there was a prolific hatch of ldo's and brook dunns/March browns.  At first there was nothing rising to them but as I sat down for ten minutes and just watched eventually the fish started looking up.  I switched from a team of nymphs with a french leader and replaced them with a 15ft leader one of my variations of a brook dunn/march brown. 

As I put my first cast across a rising fish the fish rose and I set the hook.  As I was playing the fish the heaven's opened with hail, snow and rain all at the same time so after quickly releasing the fish of around 1lb I scarpered and run for cover.  After it stopped hailing, snowing and raining I carried on with my fishing.  The rises had stopped but the flies were still on top of the water so I knew that it was only a matter time.  As I made my way up through the runs I could spot out some dimple rises up against the bushes.  In the past I have caught some really good fish there so I was pretty confident of a good fish and I was not disappointed.  I managed to catch 2 monster fish and it was only the first day of the season.  I managed to loose another really good fish before heading off home to pick the kids up from school butbi will be back tommorrow