Monday, 18 February 2013

New Season, New flies

With the new trout season fast approaching and everyone itching to get out onto the rivers and small streams after blue and red spotted beauties.  My old box at the moment is full of big heavy flies ranging from 3ml up to 5.5ml nymphs for the grayling in winter and some are either too heavy for the water which i fish for trout or too over dressed and flashy.   so i had decided to do myself a new fly box so that when the time comes (March 3rd) i know that ill be ready so for the past couple of weeks i have been slowly making this new box.  One side with nymphs from 2ml up to 3ml for the main upper river and on the opposite side dry flies for the small streams which i use single dry fly or maybe early in the season a duo/klink & dink.

I hope your boxes are ready and i hope you enjoy :)

A few 2ml & 2.5ml nymphs
 photo DSCF8005-1_zps34c37012.jpg
A few bigger 2.8ml & 3ml nymphs
 photo DSCF8006-1_zpsadaa4f65.jpg
Still not finished on the dries yet but here are a few Olive, Black and Tan klinkhammers aswell as a couple of cdc & elks.
 photo DSCF8008-2_zps582dd711.jpg


  1. Been doing exactly the same mate, just finished the CDC dries last night and have the nymphs overflowing from 1.5mm up to 5mm.

    A few klinks left to tie and some new flies to play with and I am ready! Just got to decide which bit to head to now!

  2. Have got a few new places to fish this season coming so will try and give them all a go at some point (Mainly mountain streams.

    But the Taff is fishing very well lower down at the moment from what i have heard (When its fish able)

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