Monday, 28 May 2012

Just a quick one

After finishing my chors  around the house today my better half kindly agreed that i could get out for a few hours on the river.  I ventured off with my 7ft 3# as i was heading for a little stream.  When i got onto the water the river level was really low and clear.  Whilst working up through the runs i only managed to pick off 2 fish but was very hard work, so i decided to fish the main river instead and marched down towards the main stem abround a 3 mile march down river.  I fished my way up river with klink&dink and Managed to pick off a few nice fish around 3/4lb as i fished through the runs.  By this time it was getting pretty late so fished a few more runs before i set off for home.  I put my fly line in a shallow but very fast bit of was.  As my flies were coming down river not a single nudge but i just knew that there had to be a fish there.  I placed it back up river one more time and my klinkhammer shot under and i struck...........  My line shot off down river and i thought to myself oh SH## what am i going to do as i didn't take my landing net with me  AAHHHHHHH.   So i let it run..............and run..................and run down into the next pool with me falling all over the place running trying to catch up with the fish ( quite funny actually even i was laughing at myself  hahahaha  )  and eventually the fish stayed in the 1 pool shaking its head prefusivly and taking sharp fast runs but it was getting tired.  After a good 10 minute battle i managed to bring the fish into the shallows and pick him out of the water  :D

20 inch +   3lb fish
next to my hardy featherweight 7ft 3#
safe returns and you can see how big it it as i am holding its tail whilst trying to revive the fish

And a few other fish ;)
smallest fish of the day

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