Wednesday, 10 August 2011

River & Stream

It was Saturday and had the weekend off and i was determined to get out onto the stream to get out and persuade a few wild trout to the dry fly.  I phoned my trusted companion for the day and asked where are we going and he said that he has a surprise for me today as he was going to take me onto a stream which is hasn't been fished for years  :-D  So we get to the untouched stream and it looked as beautiful as i imagined it in my head, over hanging tree's, large boulders, fast runs, nice glides, riffles and pockets.  I couldnt wait to jump in and wet a line :-D
Mostyn let me take the first pool, it had a bit of slow water with a fast run down the middle and sides at the top of the pool.  I fished the fast and slow water making dozens of casts, kneeling down all the way not to spook the fish but still didn't entice anything to the dry fly.  It was like that for a few more pools and runs up the stream until i came to a nice side pool which had lots of channels of fast water coming into the main pool.  I placed my fly at the ends of the fast runs first just encase there was anything lying there before i put my fly into the much faster water, and straight away i had a rise to my fly but these wild brown trout are very very fast and i mist the take but i was determined to get one from this pool ;-) a few more cast and a few more mist takes and i actually hooked one, a nice little perfect wild brown trout.
PhotobucketBut it was the same all the way through the stream, a bit of hit and miss for myself unlike my good mate Mostyn who was picking them up rite left and center but mainly dropping them off but a nice day and i shall definatly visit this wild small stream again :-)
Mostyn fishing a nice pool.

The next day ( Sunday ) my brother phoned me up asking me to teach him a few things about fly fishing as he has been nagging me for ages so i could not say no :-/  I set him up on a team of nymphs as where i was taking him it was ideal as it had some shallow fast runs and some deep pools with a bit of flowing water in it.  I was first up in a run which i like to call mine and only mine pool :-p
PhotobucketI was set up with a klink & dink, i stood a fair bit off the fast water to start off with just showing my brother a few things on casting etc etc and then started fishing the faster water where i know usually there is a good head of fish :-) I placed my flies up against the fast water and directly in the fast water itself where there normally lies a few nice fish but nothing today.  So i decided to put on a heavier nymph and sort of czech nymph it with a short line keeping the klinkhammer out of the water as an indicator and using a heavier nymph.  as soon as i was drifting the nymph down in the fast water next to the wall i felt a tug on my line but i didn't strike for some reason and didn't hook into the fish so i decided ( obviously ) to put it past it again, but this time i struck and was into a fish.  Then all of a sudden it shot off up river and down river, i knew i was into a good fish so i let it run some line off the reel and tire itself out whilst placing a bit of pressure on it to keep the line tight.  It was jumping and splashing about like a wild horse and finally after about 5 minutes managed to calm the beast down enough to get it into the net.  A nice 3 1/2 lber  give or take :-)
6or7lb stockie
After hooking that monster i gave my fly rod and same set up to my brother and showed him what to do and where to place the flies and low and behold a few flicks to get used to the rod and how to flick the rod he was into a fish around 1lb.  As the day got on myself and my brother hooked into a few nice fish and lost a few nice fish too.  But i will definatly take my brother fly fishing again as it was a good laugh and we also caught a few nice fish too.  What more can you ask for ;-)

Here are a few pictures of the day.
my brother with his first fish on the fly
A rare photo of myself ;-)


  1. Looking at the pics posted it feels like a catch is just a bonus towards what really counts...such beautyful streams u manage to find! Will not be any fishing for myselve until the midle of september so these pics and your blog keeps my nose above the surface! :)

  2. Thankyou for the kind comment Peter i really appreciate it.

  3. awww loving the pics of you and you're brother daniel :) i take it you're a good teacher for him to catch first time ! bet he cant wait for you to take him again :P

  4. well the proof is in the pudding Jodie ;) and i will definatly take him out again if he doesnt loose all my flies :p