Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Cdc & Elk

All last season if i wasnt  catching anything on any of the many dry flies in my box such as klinkhammers, griffith gnats, etc i would always use one specific fly and the mighty fly is called the Cdc & Elk, it caught me small fish from 6 inces to 10 inches long and it caught me big fish from 12 inches to 20/25 inches.  Thankyou Mr Lewis/ www.ffisw.com for showing me this magnificent patter. But the best thing is its ONLY 17 days left till tha madness starts all over again :) but who's counting ai ;)

Here are a few pics of the fly a few fish big & small which have fallen to the Cdc & Elk :)

A little wild brown trout with a big appetite.

My personal best brown trout caught on the Cdc & Elk around 3 lb but id think more ;)

also here is a link on how to tie a Cdc & Elk.


  1. Thanks for the link Dan :) Link now on my website back to you.

    The blog's coming along great though mate, stick at it! Loving the shots too. Not long now ;)

  2. Cheers Gareth mate. thankyou for the link up on your page too. But its running good at the moment and a lot more thing to put on so ill keep you posted ;)